Yoga Teachers

In yogic philosophy, the relationship between a teacher and student is considered a sacred affair. In, Bhagavad Gita, Lord Sri Krishna has professed the eminence of a teacher even greater than that of his own. Teachers are not just mentors, they are the sculptors who shape up a student’s life. A student’s mind is like a dark room that is far from the light of wisdom. It is the responsibility of teachers to replace the darkness with rays of light.

In order to be a yogi of the highest standard, it is very important to be trained under knowledgeable teachers. Great teachers have the ability to guide one perfectly. Shwaasa Yoga is committed to introduce the students with the most authentic Yoga knowledge under the aegis of Sri Vachananand Ji or Shwaasa Guru. Following the ideals of Shwaasa Guru, the school has transformed into a powerhouse of prominent Yoga masters. The whole team works together to produce some of the finest Yoga instructors in India.

With years of experience in teaching and practicing Yoga, our teachers promise a wonderful journey to the yogic height. The team not only betters your teaching skill but also enhances various aspects of your personality to help you become an ace Yoga teacher in India. Teaching Methodology is one of the most important subjects in our training programs. During Methodology sessions, a teacher’s attributes are developed in an aspirant with proper guidance.

Shwaasa Yoga is home to some of the highly venerated Yoga masters in India. They have made the Yoga school a center for yogic excellence in the country. They believe in the spiritual elements of Yoga and promote the yogic way of life. A Shwaasa Yogi is a person of a purified soul and intuitive mind. Our teachers illuminate the students in the finest way helping them to flourish and blossom with the true qualities of a yogi.