Yoga Teacher Training in India



Escalate your yoga practice to become a compassionate and skillful yoga teacher in the incredible land of India with Shwaasa Yoga. Learn and grow under the esteemed council of revered Shwaasa Guru, Swami Vachananand Ji while you delve into the ancient yogic practices with the Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.

Enliven the body, mind, and soul in the quaint setting of the ancient yogic lands in the country, and become immersed in the practice fully learning yoga in its authentic and truest form. With our best yoga teacher training in India, discover everything about your inner-self, and how they are tied in unison forming spiritual being.

Join us and step into the world of yogic and spiritual enlightenment and evolve into a fervent practitioner and teacher.

Shwaasa’s Yoga Schools in India


Being one of the leading Yoga schools in India, we conduct Yoga programs in various parts of the country. There are three main centers of Yoga education where our Yoga training courses in India are organized.

Yoga teacher training in Harihara

You search for inner peace and the true meaning of life ends here in the divinely atmosphere of Harihara with Shwaasa Yoga’s teacher training program. Assimilate the authentic knowledge of yoga by going deep into the study of the ancient science under the guidance of Shwaasa Guru. The Yoga TTC in India by Shwaasa Yoga is an effort to spread the wisdom of yoga through a well-developed curriculum focusing on all the major subjects like asanas, pranayama, meditation techniques, proper adjustment and alignment, Mudras, Bandhas and the list goes on.

Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India

Welcome to the biggest Yoga home in the world – Rishikesh. Take part in our Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh India and get introduced to the most traditional teachings of yoga in the land of its birth. The foothill of the great Himalayas, the free flowing River Ganges and the fascinating climate entices the minds of the Yoga aspirants. The ancient yogic town presents you an opportunity to take a soul-inspiring bath in the holy river of the Ganges along with enjoying Yoga teacher training Rishikesh India.

Yoga teacher training in Kerala

God’s own country, Kerala is known for its natural riches and spiritual heritage of hundreds of years. Being in the town of beaches and temples, Varkala, blesses your soul with the beauty of spirituality. Taking part in Yoga teacher training India in the land of ethereal beauty is no less than a feeling of bliss. The program welcomes all those who intend to purify their soul with the delightful touch of Kerala’s purity. You’ll be living in the company of some of the highly knowledgeable and experienced Yoga masters who will guide you on your journey to the yogic peak.

Highlights of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

  • Practice of Yoga asanas – Hatha and Ashtanga.
  • Safe and secure practice of yoga with adjustment and alignment sessions.
  • Our best ytt in India also includes yoga philosophy classes by studying ancient texts like Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, etc.
  • Introduction to Dhyana or meditation and its multiple sets of practices.
  • Pranayama and the role of breathing in Yoga are discussed as a part of Yoga certification India.
  • Yoga anatomy to better understand the impact of asanas on the body.
  • Yoga Nidra practice to relax the body and mind entirely.
  • Spiritual Yoga with traditional practices like Mantra Chanting, fire ceremony, etc.
  • Art of managing a Yoga class with our Teaching Methodology program.
  • Shat Kriya of yogic cleansing methods.

Yoga Alliance Certification India


Shwaasa Yoga stands apart from others when it comes to presenting the most valuable Yoga certification courses in India. We take pride in saying that our programs are recognized by the prestigious Yoga Alliance. Ours is an internationally certified Yoga teacher training India where the purest knowledge of the ancient science is attained in the most affluent manner. After successfully completing the training event, you will be presented with a certificate signed by Yoga Alliance. This certification opens the door for securing your place in the global community of Yoga teachers.


The Yoga instructor course India by Shwaasa Yoga is a residential program, during the course of which students live at our rejuvenating accommodation facilities and master the science of Yoga. We are very committed to present an ideal yogic environment to each and every student. Students live in neat and clean rooms that are spacious and include all required amenities for a comfortable stay. Twin-beds, fans, lights, 24*7 running water, Wi-Fi, etc. are available and we always go beyond our ways to help students with any type of issues or concerns. All our Yoga centers are located in beautiful locations, amidst rich natural delights.


Savor the most delectable dishes here at Shwaasa Yoga. We understand that student’s bodies need to fulfill the nutritious demands of the intensive training program to become a yoga teacher. Thus, we provide three meals that are delicious, nutritious and vegetarian in nature every day. We also serve herbal drinks to our students. The foods are prepared by experienced chefs with years of experience behind their backs. The meals at our Yoga teacher training center in India are prepared according to Ayurvedic guidelines.

Places to visit in India


India is utterly large in geography and diverse too. From Kashmir in the north to Rameshwaram in the south and from Arunachal in the east to Rann of Kutch in the west, India defines heterogeneity. The country offers complete fascination when it comes to natural, cultural, and historical beauty. While attending Yoga programs in India, students can engage in sightseeing. Talking about places near Rishikesh, you can explore the spiritual heritage of Haridwar and other places nearby. If you are a history lover, do not miss the majestic Taj Mahal and many other historical buildings of Delhi and Jaipur. In and around Harihara, there is no shortage of places with spiritual significance and historical importance. Apart from the Harihareshwara Temple, there are plenty of places in and around Harihara to explore like Sulekere, Bathi Gudda, Bagali, Kunduvada Kere and more. Coming to Kerala, at every step, there is natural beauty. From pristine beaches to ancient temples, there is an assortment of wonderful places such as Kovalam Beach, the backwaters, Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, etc. to enjoy in Kerala.