About Us

About Us

Welcome to Shwaasa Yoga, an acclaimed center for Yoga education in India. Step into a world of yogic delight, where you get acquainted with the most authentic learning of the age-old science of life, yoga. We’re an internationally acclaimed institute with an aim to promote the ancient science all across the world. We intend to see every human being following the spiritual way of living.
Our Yoga school is based in the Kannada village of Harihara, where various forms of Yoga programs are organized starting from teacher trainings to yoga retreats. Each of our programs offer you practical knowledge as well as tools to discover your ‘true-being’ based on the ancient practice of yoga.
Shwaasa - The Source of Life

Shwaasa comes from the word ‘Shwaas’ which means breath. Like breath (life force), we wish to become the ‘life force’ of millions of people around the globe and empower them to discover and create harmony ‘within’. By guiding people towards the source of light away from the darkness, we believe that the entire world can be turned into a better place. A place where people can re-establish their ‘lost’ connection with the natural world and live in peace, happiness and unity!!!

Our Inspiration: Shwaasa Guru

The idea of a Yoga education center was crafted by our most respected Sri Vachananand Ji, popularly known as Shwaasa Guru. He has spent years in the Himalayas searching for the truth of life. Through years of deep penance and meditation, he became a true mystic and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. It is during this time that he realized the need to promote the study of Yoga which resulted in the form of Shwaasa Yoga. Swami Ji is not just a fatherly-figure to us but also an inspiration to millions of his followers located all across the globe.

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Shwaasa’s Vision

Shwaasa is not just a Yoga school; it’s a set of cognitive ideas through which the students are empowered to create a positive effect in the overall evolution of humanity. Under the sacred guidance of our honorable Guru Ji, the whole team of Shwaasa Yoga is committed to preserve the traditional and ancient values of yoga. Just teaching of the asanas and their techniques have never been our priorities. Our vision is much deeper and profounder. We aim to facilitate the most ancient Yogic theories in a soul-enticing environment. We believe in the theory - “Yoga for all, all for Yoga”. Thus, we intend to propagate a yogic movement across the globe where each and every individual can relish the beauty of this ancient philosophy and evolve to their higher ‘self’. Shwaasa Yoga works towards promoting the idea of self-enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

The location

One of the most significant aspects of our Yoga school is the location. Set in the vicinity of the iconic Harihareshwara Temple, our ashram styled facility fulfils all the demands of an ideal Yoga program. Harihara, the seat of Shwaasa Yoga, is a beautiful town in central Karnataka. It is known as Dakshin Kashi, thanks to its deep reverence as a spiritual destination. Being located at such a spiritually charged environment, our ashram manifests devotion and natural blissfulness. Intense greenery, euphoric environment, and spiritual brilliance are the things that one enjoys while spending their time at Shwaasa Yoga. Our main focus is to make the accommodation as yogic as possible for a truly immersing experience.